Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer

Birthday:   June 30th, 1995

Residence: Oberpeischlach (AUT)

Diszipline: Street Trial 


The born and raised bike enthusiast, Fabio Wibmer from Eastern Tyrol, Austria, has quickly built himself a reputation for his big lines and huge tricks. No matter what wheel size, with or without suspension, Fabio is certainly not afraid to “go big”, and in 2016, Fabio surprised us with some daredevil stunts, which left the world in awe. Whether it is going viral while riding on a thin rail of a 200m high dam, or hitting the downhill track on a granny bike, Fabio always delivers and continues to amaze. 

Fabio´s career highlights include being a member of the world famous Drop and Roll Tour with Danny MacAskill since 2014, winner of the “GoPro of the World - Best Line Contest 2015” (with more than 44 Mio. views in total on Facebook) and Winner of Best Sport Video Award at the German Webvideo Awards 2015. In addition, the Austrian daredevil is the Winner of the Austrian Whip Off Contest 2015, Austrian National Downhill Champion 2016 and the Winner of the Innsbruck Downhill Cup 2016.

His social media channels are growing day by day. Fabio´s Youtube channel has reached more than 2M subscribers, his latest videos hitting over 1M views, most popular one being “Fabiolous Escape II”, with more than 27M views. The promotional video „Urban Freeride lives“ for an austrian mobile network provider reached more than 2.1M views in just one month.

In addition, Fabio is attending the University of Innsbruck, studying Sports Management.

Youtube Channel

Career achievements

1Downhill & Specialized Rookies Cup by iXSAUTDownhill2018
1Downhill Cup InnsbruckAUTDownhill2016
2Downhill Cup InnsbruckAUTDownhill2016
1Austrian National Downhill Cup at iXS Downhill CupAUTDownhill2016
1iXS DirtmastersGERWhip Off2016
11iXS DirtmastersGERDownhill2016
1iXS European Downhill CupAUTWhip Off2015
12iXS European Downhill CupAUTDownhill2015
1Downhill Cup SchladmingAUTWhip Off2015
22iXS European Downhill CupSLODownhill2015